Fuel Tank Renewal

Fuel Tank ReNu

Fuel tanks usually suffer from a lot of wear and tear, and can end up punctured or scraped, which will often lead to corrosion and rust. The first thing people think of is to just replace it, but there is a more cost-effective and economically friendly way to deal with these damaged fuel tanks.

Fuel Tank ReNu is a method in which old and corroded fuel tanks are cleaned and freshened up, and made better than ever. The process used is both proven and patented, and is becoming more popular each day. It is both cheaper and faster than simply purchasing a new fuel tank, and so you are not going to lose out.

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How Does Fuel Tank ReNu Work

The process of this service is a unique one and uses a special form of chemical bonding. This bond coats both the inside and the outside of the tank, with a double layer of protection which is incredibly tough and durable. This chemical bonding seals your tank to protect it from rust and corrosion, and if you are using your tank often the process can be used multiple times.

This Fuel Tank ReNu process is compatible with water, diesel, petrol, menthol, alcohol and high octane, so there is no need to worry about any extra damage occurring. It has been well tested and is a safe process to use.

Fuel Tank Renewal FAQ

  • Where can I find fuel tank repair services near me?

    Rap Rad provides Louth fuel tank repair and renu services, providing maintenance and protective services to fuel tanks of all domestic and commercial vehicles.

  • How much does a fuel tank renu service cost?

    The price of fuel tank renu services vary depending on the type of tank you have. Get in touch with the team today for a quote on our fuel tank renu pricing.

  • Could Fuel Tank Renewal damage my tank?

    No. Here at Rap Rad we use modern technology and techniques to ensure a safe and effective patented service that will not damage your tank. This technique is proven to promote the performance and longevity of your fuel tank.